Nicolas-Bernard Lépicié


Student of Carle Van Loo
Teacher of Jean-Baptiste Regnault

Nicolas-Bernard Lépicié received his initial training at home from his parents, the engravers François Bernard Lépicié and Renée Elisabeth Marlié, who then sent their son to study under one of the most famous artists of the day, Carle André Van Loo. Educated in Rome, Van Loo infused his students with the rich history of Italian art while also helping to define the Rococo style that Lépicié would master. Lépicié produced a wide variety of work, including monumental altarpieces, elaborate designs for tapestries for the Gobelins factory, large-scale canvases based on incidents in ancient history, and smallscale genre scenes of children and scenes of family life, as well as running a highly regarded teaching studio.