Giovanni Lanfranco


Student of Agostino Carracci, Annibale Carracci
Teacher of Horace Le Blanc

Giovanni Lanfranco became famous for his vast multi-figure frescos for churches in Naples and Rome. Experimenting with light and color inspired by the paintings of Corregio and Caravaggio, Lanfranco became a major developer of the Roman Baroque style, his skill as a draftsman nurtured by his teachers, the Carracci brothers. As a young boy Lanfranco was a page in the service of the Conte Orazio Scotti, who recognized Giovanni’s talent and sent him to Agostino Carracci in Parma for training. After Agostino’s death, Lanfranco became an assistant to Agostino’s brother, Annibale, living at the Farnese Palace and gaining experience working on the elaborate frescoed walls and ceilings of the Palace under Annibale’s direction.