Cosimo Rosselli
1439 – 1507


Student of Neri di Bicci
Teacher of Piero di Cosimo

Cosimo Rosselli was trained by Neri di Bicci, the last operator of a a century-old family-run workshop providing altarpieces and frescos to Florentine churches with a formulaic style that had persisted with little change since the founding of the workshop by Neri’s grandfather, Lorenzo di Bicci. Inspired and influenced by other contemporary painters, including Andrea del Verrocchio, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, and Filippino Lippi, Rosselli broke from the flat, stylized, gold-leafed world of the di Biccis to portray multi-figure groups and distant vistas utilizing perspective devices for frescos and altarpieces in Florence, Lucca, Fiesole, and the Sistine Chapel in Rome.