Andrea del Verrocchio


Teacher of Leonardo Da Vinci

Andrea del Verrocchio was a versatile sculptor and painter who is perhaps best known as the teacher of Leonardo Da Vinci in his Florentine workshop. Verrocchio employed his students as assistants, a common practice of the time, training young apprentices in the trade. He also taught Pietro Perugino and Domenico Ghirlandaio;, the latter would become best known as the teacher of Michelangelo. As a principal artist for the Medici family, Verrocchio designed elaborate decorative tombs, altarpieces, reliefs, and statues, as well as painted altarpieces and standards and pennants to be carried in tournaments. Though his master remains unknown, he likely trained as a goldsmith, his skill as a sculptor evident in his many bronzes which range from charming portrayals of children to majestic equestrian monuments.