Andrea del Sarto
1486 – 1531


Student of Piero di Cosimo, Raffaellino del Garbo
Teacher of Jacopo Pontormo

Andrea del Sarto began his artistic education as a goldsmith before transferring to the workshop of Piero di Cosimo. Following his master’s example, Sarto incorporated luminous and intricate landscapes into his own work while also borrowing from Leonardo Da Vinci, especially the use of sfumato to soften his forms, and from Michelangelo, as evidenced by the monumentality of his figures. Sarto ran a successful workshop, training many artists who also helped to complete commissions, with Sarto supplying designs in preparatory drawings exhibiting his consummate draftsmanship. Greatly revered and highly productive, Sarto continued to produce work even through the siege of Florence which brought the plague that took his life.